Sunday, July 24, 2016

Beasterday: Here Comes Peter Cottonhell – Available on Amazon Prime
87 Minutes
Director: The Snygg Brothers
Writers: The Snygg Brothers

I have great affection for B movies not shot in southern California or New York City. Regional they’re called and the smaller the town the more interested I am in watching. So it goes with Beasterday from Allentown Pennsylvania. The directors, Spencer and Zachary Snygg, were close enough to Baltimore to get a strong whiff of John Water’s fetishistic whimsy when they were growing up. And fetishistic whimsy, when deployed well, is a wonderful ingredient in Z grade genre films. These films are often intolerable to normal people owing to a certain lack of pacing and sub-par acting. Fair enough. But here’s the thing, if you have  obsessed characters that hoot and howl with a fetishistic twist you have a hook to win over genre obsessed movie fans like myself. There is no exposition in this flick,  just a giant horribly animated stop-motion bunny – Peter Cottenhell - that starts ravaging the residents of Allentown on Easter.

Always Head First

The Roger Corman nudity rule is in play: If you show women’s breasts do it early and often and then get on with the story. Our protagonists are a guy and gal who work for “Dog Catchers in the Rye” animal control company (they have adorable uniforms; would love to own one - have to track down the Snygg Brothers.) The young lady wants to move back in with her dad and step-mom after failing as a dancer to become a poet. Her father is having none of it and insists she get a real job. The young man is obsessed with being the world’s best dog catcher and really enjoys shoving objects – stuffed bunnies, socks, pencils – down his pants. The young ladies father is on a restrictive diet and has a really interesting pork fetish complete with baby clothes and bacon on a string. Neither the young man nor the father are the least bit embarrassed about their behavior which is what makes this so fun. I won’t give away the ending but it involves a lobotomy and a man dressed as a giant carrot. Hey Snygg brothers.....keep making movies! The movie stars Peter Sullivan, Marisol Custodio, John Fedele, Jon Arthur, and Bill Joachim and features cameos by scream queens Darian Caime, AJ Khan, Kerri Taylor, Jackie Stevens, Autumn Bodell, and Violetta Storms. Three Carrot Orange Merkins.

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