Sunday, July 24, 2016

Psycho Shark (aka Jaws in Japan)
70 Minutes
Director: John Hijiri
Writer: Yasutoshi Murakawa

After watching too many first rate Asian Extreme movies (Miike, Gaira, Ikeda, etc) it’s nice to find Japanese cinema producing thin noodled cable fare for US distribution. Oh, Amazon prime, that $99 has brought me so much ramen in so little time. To be kind perhaps Psycho Shark is a meditative piece on the predatory nature of man. The filmmakers had something in mind. People just don’t go out and point a camera and say they? Supposedly filmed in Okinawa, where the water is oh so blue, there is a lot of splashing, not nude shower scenes, and some very nice Japanese bikinis on display not to mention the ample flesh that fills them.

 There are dreams of sharks and there is a symbolic Shark that appears at the end of the movie. There is murder but not much mayhem. I enjoyed this movie. Man as shark. I will watch it again when properly medicated to ensure maximum absorption. Three Ample Asian Merkins. 

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